The Pharmaceutical Industry is subject to cGMP requirements,with testing & validation of clean room ventilation as one the most critical parameters.

Cleanrooms & Cleanroom equipments are a major capital investment designed to provide you with a contamination controlled environment. Only through regular testing can you know whether your investment is operating properly. Regular comprehensive testing minimizes costing down-time & product defects,resulting in increase yield & productivity.


Is a nationally recognized independent up coming Cleanroom & Controlled environment testing agency. Since 2002 we have provided critical validation,routine testing & advisory services to Cleanroom & Users. We are providing complete customer friendly services by experience engineers with sound knowledge adding the most sophisticated instruments to the list of Cleanroom Validation.

Can offer full Clean Room Validation testing to ISO 14644 & Fed Std209E requirements. Airoclean Micro Device has the resources to help maintain your Facility.


We have established comprehensive Test Facilities For :

  • Air Velocity Test
  • DOP/PAO Test (Filter Integrity Test)
  • Particle Count Test
  • Sweep Test
  • Recovery Test
  • Sound Level Test
  • Light Intensity Test
  • Pressure Balancing Test
  • Temperature & Humidity Test

We have latest Test Equipments to meet the above Standards.

  • All Clean Rooms & Sterile Areas.
  • Pathology Labs, Biotech.
  • Hospitals Operation Theaters.
  • Research & Development Labs.
  • Vaccine & non-Vaccine Plants.
  • Lamination Flow Work Station.